Knuckles the Echidna

Fun Knuckles pictureKnuckles the Echidna is 16-year-old and his name shows his ancestry, from the Knuckles Warrior Clan. He was exposed to large doses of Chaos Power from his father, Locke, who was trying to make another gaurdian. He succeeded, and Knuckles watches the Master Emerald, and he has done very well from the age of ten. He is a dreadlocked echidna and Rouge, the bat, calls him ‘Knuckie’, and has a crush on him, though he tries not to show it he has one on her, too. Knuckles theme song in the game Sonic Heroes is called ‘We Can’. Knuckles once showed concern when Rouge was injured and tended to her: his reward was a kissie-kissie! In the Sonic the Hedgehog comics they find out that in the future Sonic is King Sonic and Knuckles is Guardian Knuckles. Knuckles has his own game called Knuckles Chaotix which features Charmy Bee, Espio the Chamelion, Vector the Crocodile, Mighty the Armadillo, and Knuckles the Echidna whom we know because in this post he is the main character. If you have the game Sonic Heroes, Knuckles has the moves ‘fire dunk’ where he smacks Tails and Sonic down on enemies, ‘Triangle Dive’ where they join hands over a fan or float down using it; Knuckles can also smack the ground and if you’ve picked up the level 3 power core he knocks up little lava fireballs that bounce around until they have defeated all the enemies.

Hello all you wonderful readers of my blog! It’s a Knuckles update! And the day is March 21 st. [whisper] Maybe I should ask Rouge to knock out Knuckles if he gets mad at the latest Archie comic thing that happened to him. [normal voice] Anyway…. yeah! It’s all great, Knuckles disappears for awhile and Sonic and Tails fight (you can read their side of that when I update it) eventually, they stop (quite soon in fact) and they are getting along nicely when Dimitri (one of Knuckles relatives sadly (I only say sadly because he was the guy at one point we’re going to hear Knuckles was turned into)) arrives and says that Dr. Finitevus (gleefully cry boo!) was trying to recreate Enerjak. Let us scan ahead a bit now. Enerjak’s moves are being monitored and they all watch in horror (gasp!) as Enerjak sends all the echidna’s and dingoes of Angel island away, echidnas to Albion, dingoes to the desert.  Sonic and Tails only arrive to see Enerjak disappear and get a frantic message from Nicole that Enerjak has appeared outside the city. Down bellow, all the Knothole citizens gasp with horror as they find out the true identity of Enerjak now is Knuckles himself! We then join Archimedes to find out how this happened…

When Archimedes arrived on the floating island after sensing Knuckles return he found to his extreme horror that Knuckles had been caught by the Destructix, who where beating him up. Then he was handed over to the Dark Legions and taken to Finitevus. Finitevus did a fancy bit of lying and made Knuckles tap into the hexed (by Finitevus) Master emerald, and that is how he became Enerjak. Next issue. Sonic arrives and starts fighting, some fancy things he called Enerjak before he knew that it was Knuckles where the following: “Jumping Jak, Enerjerk, Flap jak, enerstate, and come to think of it…Enerjak sounds like some kind of sports drink…” Then he was thrown into a wall right behind Shadow. Shadow then started fighting Enerjak without his inhibitor rings and was thrown to the ground. (we interrupt your very knowledgeable program to bring you this piece of news….Enerjak has the power of a demi-god of Chaos) Then Sonic says, “Very good ultimate light-show, but can we team up to beat this guy yet?” After finding out who Knuckles is Eggman arrives and takes him away to power up his city, unfortunately I missed the next issue but I can tell you what happened two issues later. Yay for me! Sonic used the master emerald to turn into super Sonic (Yay!) and fight Enerjak, after a bit of this and playing around with him we’re with Julie-Su and Locke, and Archimedes. After a bit of an argument they arrive where Finitevus is, after a bit of conversation he tells them he couldn’t stop Knuckles now even if he wanted to, but to do that, a sacrifice was required. After a bit of argument between Archimedes and Julie-Su, Locke appeared and said he’d do it, Finitevus attacked them but was taken away by Archimedes. Then Locke sacrificed himself, not by the cutting himself open and pouring all the blood over the master emerald kind. No…. he sat down on top of it and did the usual chant but with the variation of ending it with asking the master emerald to release “his boy” and give him his own life to lead. The comic ends with Knuckles deciding to stay on the floating island. I haven’t been able to acquire the next issue and probably won’t be able to acquire any issue’s for awhile. But that’s the latest!

Knuckles the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) style
Sonic X profile style KnuxEarly style KnucklesSonic Riders style


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  1. Miss Kitty In The City says:

    I am the real Tails! Don’t mess with me and we will be friends! 🙂

    Cool site and lots of info! Keep on going…you are freaking cool!

  2. Lunna says:

    I Love it soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do not even know the way I finished up right here, but I
    thought this put up was good. I don’t realize who you are
    but definitely you are going to a well-known blogger when you are not already.

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