Miles “Tails” Prower

Sonic Riders styleMiles “Tails” Prower is a eight-year-old fox who does not realize his destiny to be an inventor. In Sonic X he falls in love with a girl named Cosmo, later they find out she is a unwilling spy for the Metarex and Shadow tries to kill her for it. When she sacrifices herself to save the planet Vector makes a picture of Cosmo for Tails to remember her with. Tails has been seen in the games Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders, Sonic Adventure 2, and a few others. Tails looks at Sonic as a teacher in the ways of the world and Sonic sees him as a little brother. Ever since Sonic rescued him, you can hardly ever find Tails and Sonic by themselves, they share mostly every adventure there is to be had in their universe. Tails always makes machines or inventions for Sonic to defeat Eggman with and Tails can fly by using his two tails. If he isn’t flying by himself he’s flying in his machine called the Cyclone. Tails’s invention skills are only rivaled by Eggman and Eggman won’t just bow and shuffle off, oh no, he puts up a fight even if he knows it’s useless; he runs if he can, leaving his robots and inventions to be destroyed to save his own skin. I bet Tails makes good use of the destroyed machinery. In all his incarnations he is cute, nice, and very intelligent. In one incarnation Sonic just finds Tails as a baby and raises him as a brother. But Tails has been in most of the story except for Sonic’s first which is pretty amazing. I don’t know how Tails designs it all so fast but if your skills pull up beside Eggman’s, it isn’t really surprising (all right, I’ll admit that Tails’s powers are really surprising but we don’t want to be rash because if Eggman read this he would then know that his skills are amateur to what we have today, and I hope that if Tails reads this he doesn’t get offended at all because no offense was intended).


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