The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book One: The Field Guide

September 6, 2006

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black is a story about three children named Jared, Simon, and Mallory Grace, and their mother’s name is Helen Grace. When they have to go toCover of the First book of the spiderwick chronicles Lucinda Spiderwick’s house Jared thinks that the estate looks more like a dozen shacks stacked one on top of the other. Their mother Helen says it’s Victorian. Simon is unloading his stuff when he finds that Jeffrey and Lemondrop (his two mice) are missing. He sees that there is a hole in the socks he put them in. When Jared hears a noise in the wall they investigate after their mother goes out to go grocery shopping and they find a wall, which is hollow and it has newspaper clippings and cockroaches hung up in garlands. Next they put Jared into the trolley thingy that is moved up by a rope. Jared finds Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide and also that Aunt Lucinda is Arthur Spiderwick’s daughter. When Mallory and Simon see the library, too, they find that they can get in by the upstairs linen closet they go when their mother goes out again and they meet the household brownie named Thimbletack, (they put a bird house in the library for him because his house had been in the hollow wall that they cleared out) Thimbletack is a tiny man and he can walk Jeffrey and Lemondrop as if they were ordinary dogs. He told them to throw the field guide in a fire or tear it apart because other people who have owned the book have always come to harm. And that is when they realize that they will go through lots before the book is completely done. And that was the end of the first book.


Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville

August 25, 2006

The cover of the bookCara Diana and her grandmother Ivy Morris are being followed…

  When Cara Diana’s grandmother gives her her amulet Cara knows something is seriously wrong. As she hurries up the stairs of the church she clutches the amulet as it begins to glow with green light. She must get to the top of the church before the twelfth toll. When she reaches the top she hears the twelfth toll. ‘Luster bring me home,’ she whispers and jumps off the church. When she lands in Luster she is studying the amulet when she is attacked by a Delver; when Cara wrenches back forcefully the Delver’s fingers come out of the chain, but because of the sudden freedom of the chain Cara stumbles backwards and hits a sharp rock, the Delver then began pushing her head underwater until she was finally unconcious. When she regained conciousness she was in a cave, she looked around until she saw who was in the cave with her, a huge man-bear called the Dimblethum. He offered her a drink and she soon fell asleep. When she woke up the Dimblethum was gone and when she saw who was at the cave entrance she wanted to cry out in wonder. Because in the entrance to the cave was a unicorn. She wanted to tell him he was beautiful but she didn’t want to speak. After creating a way to speak to her the unicorn told her his name was Lightfoot. Then after healing the wound that the rock had made in her side the unicorn told her to go to sleep. When she woke up next morning it was to someone chittering rapidly then Lightfoot whinnying. She opened her eyes and saw a little creature resembling a monkey about a foot high, it had dark grey hair on his back and head, and light grey fur on his face and hands and chest. Lightfoot then told her that he was the Squijum. When the Dimblethum came in he told them that he had something that belonged to Cara, and Cara found out that her grandmother’s amulet was one of the five that the Unicorn queen, Arabella Skydancer had ordered to be made as rewards to those who had done a great service to the queen. Then they set off on the journey to Summerhaven, the home of the queen.

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