Shadow the Hedgehog PS2 game

August 27, 2006

sShadow the Hedgehog PS2 game is created by Sonic Team, Sonic Team belongs to a company called Sega of America.

It is a game about Sonic’s arch-rival, Shadow the Hedgehog. In the game it is after Shadow helped Sonic save the planet that he got amnesia and he can’t remember anything except his name and a gruesome image of Maria Robotnik’s death: they where running down a hallway in space above planet Earth and they where being persued by gun agents who where getting rid of all evidence and people who took part in Shadow’s making, Maria asked him to make the people of Earth happy and sacrificed herself to save Shadow from the massacre. Shadow is still puzzling over both those things which are his only clues to his past. Then the sky darkens with red clouds and at the blood red part dark aliens are falling out. They carve a path of death and destruction on their quest to conquer the world. From the ashes Black Doom rises and tells Shadow to find the seven chaos emeralds because the ‘day of reckoning will soon be here’. Shadow is puzzled about how Black Doom knows his name, then he realizes that the only way that he will find out about his past (especially who Maria is) is to get the chaos emeralds. And so the race for the seven chaos emeralds begins AGAIN while Shadow the Hedgehog searches for allies at the same time!

This happens at the absolute start of every storyline. Further updates on different story lines will happen in different articles with hopefully the same picture at the top. Each storyline has a different name and that will be the title of the post. Besides that, there are normal missions. Dark missions. And hero missions. If you want to do a two-player storyline you have to do hero missions or normal missions as you are unable to play the dark characters. To activate this mode, you click start on the second controller, you are unable to pick up guns, only able of doing something like the homing attack. More updates will be coming soon people!