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June 16, 2009

Here is a link to my new blog. 🙂


Anthropomorphic Analysis

September 6, 2006

Anthropomorphic Analysis is treating a god, object, or animal as a human.

Here is a list of good Anthropomorphic analysis:

1. If you slam a door on your finger and it hurts you go to the doctor and gets some pain killing pills for your finger, then by accident you slam a door on your dogs paw and you rush him to the vets then for instance he tells you dog has had seven or eight bones broken and to take it easy with your dog and books some appointments with you and you agree that is the right thing to do.

2. If you lived in ancient Greece and for instance treated a god as a human, if it is out of love, then that is good anthropomorphic analysis.

3. If you where for instance to treat a picture of someone you knew as a human and love it then that is good anthropomorphic analysis.

Here is a list of bad Anthropomorphic Analysis:

1. If you hurt your finger by banging a door and it hurts you go to the doctor and he gives you pain killing pills, then you by accident bang the door on your dogs paw and thinks he feels the same as you did, then you give your dog a pain killing pill because you think it will help the dog too, but then for instance he begins vomiting you have to rush him to the vet, that is bad anthropomorphic analysis.

2. If you had a stone dog in your garden and you treated it as though it where a person because you think it was a person who was transformed into a dog then turned to stone that is bad anthropomorphic analysis.

3. If you lived in the time of the Greeks and you treat a stone statue of a god as if it was a human and the god was in the statue and couldn’t help, that is bad anthropomorphic anlaysis.

That is a summary on good and bad Anthropomorphic Analysis (My apologies to anyone who is offended by the examples), if you where wondering the word Anthropomorphic is an adjective pronounced as (an-thru-puh-mor-fik) and analysis (an-al-is-is). That is all for now!

My New Blog because Blogger wouldn’t let me back in!

August 22, 2006

I wrote my first blog entry on my first blog ever last night and was really happy with it. THEN TODAY when I went to log back in, it wouldn’t let me in – it said that I had to check my java and cookie settings, and I did, and they’re at what they said they’re supposed to be, and it still didn’t work! Then my Mom emailed them and they sent her FAQ links to figure it out, but she hasn’t had time to read them all yet, so she found this blog space for me, thank goodness! I can’t let my readers down because they’re my family and friends, and of course I don’t want to let any new readers down either, because I’m very entertaining! Well, that’s what everyone tells me!

Anyway, my site is about books things, people and places I love: books, movies, games, arts and crafts, pets and animals, just everything, really! Even food!

So without further ado, I’m going to talk about one of my favourite books that I’ve just read, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble by Lauren Child (she wrote Charlie and Lola, too). I love the way Clarice Bean always says, “Utterly mostly” at the utter end of every sentence. And how she looks out for Karl Wrenbury, who’s the top school troublemaker (he says that Miss Wilburton has extra big trotters and an extra big tummy), and Clarice says that Miss Wilburton has a big derriere (this is because Miss Wilburton picks on them all the time). And I love Ruby Redfort and her butler, Hitch, and her friend who’s a boy (his name is Clancy Crew). They are fictional secret government agents that Clarice loves reading about and watching the t.v. shows of, and she says, “There’s going to be a Hollywood movie!”